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I started Hackology back in the days of Dial Up Internet, the whole Internet used to hang out on mIRC (not because it was super fun but because we had no place to go). Hacking was peanuts back in those days, Servers use to literally handout access but things evolved over 2 decades. I believe in the “Defense is the Best Offense" strategy thus learning about Hacking is the only way you can stay a step forward in this world. I Blog about my Research and Tech experiences and help people with their Cyber queries in a dedicated Q&A Website.

I have spent 3 decades on Terra, I do remember most of it. When I am not hacking, blogging or helping others I am pirating watching movies or reading about latest hacking / cyber trends.

I have a full time job (11 years and counting ) therefore my research material at times get lagged but thanks to the wonderful community, so many people help me by contributing in various ways which is pure beauty.


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Various Services I offer  are listed which you can dive in and engage


Hackology Blog

Hackology Blog is now the premiere service where I and like minded writers contribute with Hacking, Tech and Internet Security Articles for your consumption.


Ask Techie !

A Q&A based website where questions ranging from Hacking to noob tech issues are answered, Ideas are shared. Ask Techie guarantees your Tech Problem will be solved.


Encrypted Paste

Encrypted Paste does not store the encrypted paste even on the server and only those with the hashed encrypted link can access it. Simple and Free with few added features.


Image Services

I always wanted to have a place where I can store my images and not rely on other services, later I thought why not to share it with the world ? No Limits and No Restrictions.


Hackology Portal – Archive

14 Years old Famous Hackology Portal with over 16K Members and 400K Post Forum is NO MORE. I made a HTML copy of all the Forum posts in this Archive for Record.


CryptoCurrency Advocate

I started with mining and buying Cryptocurrency for myself and it grew beyond my friends, people started asking me for tips, I help and explain all about Crypto.

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I get alot of emails, although I try to respond to each and every email when ever the time permits. The best way of getting help is shared above or you can use our various social services to get in touch but if you want to ask something directly you may do so. I get contacted with offers of Guest Posts on Blog or people requesting to write a dedicated blog post on a certain topic to which people can not find any answer online. You may also use this form if you want to Hire me for a Pentest , Security Audit or Code Audit for malware checks and prevention measures.


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